“Disappointing” 2010 for Safety

ACCORDING TO UK-based online database provider Ascend, 2010 was “disappointing” in terms of worldwide fatal accidents and passenger fatalities with increases in both categories over 2009.  The fatal accident rate worsened “from about one per 1.5 million flights overall in 2009 to one per 1.3 million flights last year,” while the number of fatal accidents increased 22%, from 23 in 2009 to 28 in 2010.
The total number of passengers and crew reported killed rose from 731 in 2009 to 828 in 2010.  This is around 4% worse than the average for the last decade at 794.  Fatal accidents involving passenger deaths on scheduled flights increased in 2010 to 19, from 10 in 2009, while passenger fatalities rose 19% from 609 in 2009 to 726 in 2010.
There were 27 total losses (including non-operational ground losses) to western-built turboprops seating 15 or more in 2010 – up from 18 in 2009.  There were 11 fatal accidents, up from eight, resulting in the deaths of 169 passengers and crew, compared to an annual average for the last decade of 88.
Despite the negative figures in 2010, Ascend has stated that the decade’s fatal accident rate of one per 1.2 million flights was vastly improved over one per 700,000 flights in the 1990s.