Runway Extended at Ronaldsway

WORK TO extend the runway at Ronaldsway Airport on the Isle of Man to enable larger, Airbus A320 and Boeing 737 type aircraft to operate with full payloads, has been completed.  Engineering firm TPS, part of Carillion, extended the airport’s main Runway End Safety Area (RESA) by 820ft (250m) in length and 490ft (150m) in width into land reclaimed from the Irish Sea.  The extension was carried out to comply with UK CAA guidelines after the previous runway’s safety area was shorter than was recommended.
Gerry Prickett, Project Manager at TPS Consult, said: “Previously, if landing aircraft came in short or overshot on approaching the existing runway they faced a difficult challenge in landing safely, particularly in a seaward direction.  Our solution was to design an extension out to sea by creating a gravity rock armour structure.”
The RESAs at each end of Runway 08/26 now meet the full recommendations of CAP 168 Chapter 3 paragraph 5, which sets down the recommended dimensions.  In addition to increasing safety of the existing main runway, engineers extended its usable length by installing starter strips, which enable the use of the runway by the smaller commercial passenger jet aircraft such as A319s used by easyJet.
TPS’ previous airfield runway and taxiway works, including East Midlands, Heathrow, Gatwick, Bristol, Stansted and London City Airports.  (Eryl Crump)