EMA Extends OCS Partnership

EAST MIDLANDS Airport (EMA) has extended its contract with OCS to provide services for passengers with reduced mobility (PRMs) for a further two years from July 2011, bringing the total contract value to over £3 million (US$4.8m).
OCS says that since 2008 it has helped over 85,000 PRMs at EMA.  The airport’s Operations Director, Simon Whitby, commented: “At East Midlands, we have found OCS provides an excellent service not only at a cost-effective price but in their standard of service.  They have an excellent manner with members of the public, willing to be flexible and have good relationships with handling agents and airlines.”
OCS employs 22 customer care agents at the airport and says it invests in extensive customer service training to enable staff to understand passenger requirements and provide exactly the right level of support.
OCS Divisional Director for Transport, Ed Bolton, commented:  “We are extremely proud of our track record in the provision of PRM services and we are delighted that EMA has placed its confidence in us for a further two years.  We have a great team at the airport and this decision is recognition for the great service they provide every day.”