Hong Kong Airport Unveils Development Plan

HONG KONG Airport Authority (HKAA) has unveiled a $7 billion phase one of its midfield development project for Hong Kong International Airport.  The first phase includes building a new midfield concourse with 20 aircraft parking stands, a cross-field taxiway and extending the existing automated people mover to the new facility.
A host of eco initiatives are being incorporated into the design including a floor-to-ceiling façade in the passenger concourse which will use high-performance glazing to reflect over 40% of solar heat and reduce the use of air conditioning.  North-facing skylights will maximise natural light and low-energy lighting will reduce energy consumption, plus recycled water-cooled chillers will be used for air conditioning.  Additional initiatives include the use of recycled asphalt from runway resurfacing to construct the midfield apron.   Overall these features add up to a significant reduction in the new facility’s environmental ‘footprint’.   The HKAA says that construction is set to start in the third quarter of this year and it is scheduled to be completed: “by 2015”.