Logan Teleflex for Riga

AN INFLUX of new airlines and more internal flights has prompted Riga International Airport in Latvia to extend its baggage handling capability and award an £850,000 100% Hold Baggage Screening (HBS) contract to systems integrator, Logan Teleflex.
The contract requires the Hull, UK-based company to design and project manage the delivery and implementation of the baggage handling system; including crucial Level 2 and Level 3 x-ray screening equipment machines.  Importantly, the new system will be located in an extension to the existing terminal, thus avoiding any impact on the airport’s busy day-to-day operations.
The Logan baggage system features a dedicated 100% HBS screening line to enable it to cope with the increased number of bags that must be screened to EU standard before being loaded onto connecting flights.
Failed Level 2 bags are transferred to the manual L3 PX107 Level 3 x-ray machine for further examination and, once cleared, routed to the make-up carousel or removed from the baggage system if still considered suspect.
Ronnie Romano, Business Development Manager, Logan Teleflex commented on the contract by saying: “This is an important win for Logan Teleflex, given Riga’s increasing importance as a gateway throughout Europe and between Russian, the CIS countries and the Far East.  Logan Teleflex is responsible for overall system design, which goes hand-in-hand with the manufacture, supply and installation of the system components.”