New From Herbert Systems

UK BAGGAGE specialist Herbert Systems has announced upgraded software for its Pathfinda Turbo luggage alignment product.
The original Pathfinda was developed in response to an enquiry from an airport that required an automated alignment system to ensure baggage was accurately positioned prior to entering the security scanning system.
The enhanced Pathfinda Turbo was launched four years later, providing an increased throughput of up to 1,000 bags per hour and greater accuracy.  Now, Herbert says that working closely with its

Herbert Systems has announced upgrades to its Pathfinda and Sola products. (Herbert Systems)

existing customer base has led it to upgrade the software in the Pathfinda Turbo to further improve accuracy and throughput.
The new software has recently been installed at London Heathrow, with further installations planned during this year.  Herbert Systems says it is also keen for its current Pathfinda customers to benefit from the improved software, and is offering software upgrades for existing machines.
Another recent announcement concerned the launch of its Twin Sola baggage singulation conveyor.
Herbert’s existing Sola product was only powered by one motor, which ran a single belt at one speed, whereas the new Twin Sola runs two belts from two individual motors, allowing the belts to run independently of each other and accurately align products which are off centre.  Herbert says that in addition, it also has systems available which can align luggage items to the centre of the conveyor to suit customer requirements.
The manufacturer says the product has removed the need for traditional contact diversion and item alignment equipment which, in some cases in the past, has: “led to product damage and created unnecessary expense.”  A company statement adds that the Twin Sola is: “easy to integrate” and is available in a range of widths and lengths to suit most applications.
The company recently announced that Visiom, which specialises in the field of security solutions, will act as a distributor for the Herbert Systems range in France.