Servair’s new Director

French airline catering and logistics company Servair announced the appointment of Yann Schilling as Director of Servair Solutions on February 18.
Mr Schilling is taking charge of the subsidiary responsible for the integration of catering services thereby enabling airlines to concentrate on their core business.
Mr Schilling began his career with Servair in 2001 and acquired a wealth of international experience from working in international sales divisions before becoming the company’s Assistant Director of International Development.
From 1988 to 2001, he held the position of Managing Director of two SMEs in the agri-food sector (Pourshins and Galyon) and was Sales Director, France and Europe, for DMG, a specialised wholesale food company.
Servair’s CEO Patrick Alexandre says this appointment: “is part of a strategic project to support the expansion of Servair, strengthen its areas for development and provide the company with all the necessary means to meet new challenges in terms of diversifying the range of services it offers and capturing new markets.”