Trapani Closed During Military Ops

ON MARCH 20, the Italian Civil Aviation Authority announced that Trapani Airport on the western tip of Sicily was closed to civilian traffic until further notice.  The last commercial flight left the airport at 07:30 on the morning of March 21.  The airport, which is a joint civil and Italian air force facility, is currently being used to support the UN ‘No-Fly’ resolution against Libya.  The outbreak of a civil war in the country has closed Libya to commercial traffic since March 7, though some evacuation flights did take place from several Libyan airports in the days that followed.  With Trapani closing to passenger flights for an unknown length of time, Irish-based low cost carrier Ryanair has issued a statement saying that all its Trapani flights will operate to and from Palermo Airport, about 100km to the west of Trapani, for the time being.