BA raises long-haul fuel surcharges

British Airways has announced it is increasing its fuel surcharge on long-haul flights due to rising oil prices. It is the third such rise since December 2010.
The surcharge for economy tickets will go up by £10 per flight, with premium classes attracting an extra £20 per flight from April 8.
As a result economy passengers on long-haul flights of less than nine hours will now pay £85, and £98 on economy flights lasting more than nine hours.
There are no surcharge increases for short-haul flights.
Surcharges on premium seats – business and first class – for flights of less than nine hours will go up from £105 to £125, while those lasting more than nine hours will rise from £125 to £145.
Oil prices are currently at their highest level for almost two and a half years due concerns about the stability of the Middle East.
BA’s CFO, Nick Swift, commented: “As customers will know from the price at the petrol pumps, the cost of fuel has continued to rise significantly over the past three months. For us, fuel now represents over one-third of our costs and particularly affects our long-haul flights.
“We are very aware of the wider economic pressures on our customers at the moment and we will bear the vast majority of the recent fuel price rise ourselves to keep this increase in surcharge to a minimum.”