Lufthansa Criticises Emissions Scheme

GERMAN CARRIER Lufthansa has criticised the EU’s Emission Trading Scheme (ETS) saying that the directive is increasingly running into problems and is in danger of becoming a fiasco when it comes into force next year.
According to the airline: “The member states were originally supposed to have translated EU Directive 2008/101 into national law by February 2010, yet most governments have so far failed to do so owing to the complexity of including the international transport sector in emissions trading.  It certainly cannot be said that the directive is being implemented in a uniform manner, which preserves competition.”
Lufthansa highlighted what it says is a major obstacle in that the allocation of free emission allowances are based of the total amount of tonne kilometres transported by an operator last year.  However, 2010 was marked by airspace closures due to the volcanic eruption in Iceland and claims that the result will be significant distortions in the allocation process.