Ryanair’s Reserved Seating Trials

RYANAIR WAS scheduled to begin reserved seating trials service on its Dublin – Malaga and Dublin – Gatwick routes as this edition closed for press.  Starting on May 16, the pre-booked service costs €10 (US$14) each way including priority boarding, and allows passengers to reserve seats in the front two rows, for a prompt exit on arrival, or in over wing rows (16 & 17) which provide greater legroom.

The low-cost carrier will continue to offer its long-established Priority Boarding service for €4, (US$5.75) with priority and reserved seating passengers requested to board the aircraft first.  Passengers that are under 16 years of age and those of reduced mobility can reserve seats in row two only, due to safety restrictions.
Ryanair’s Stephen McNamara said: “If this new service proves popular with passengers then we will roll it out selectively on other Ryanair routes in the coming months.”