German airports reopen after disruption

Germany’s airports are returning to normal after this morning’s ash cloud disruption.
On Wednesday May 25, driven by prevailing winds, the ash cloud swept across Germany from east to west. Berlin Airports, the management company overseeing the German capital’s gateways, had earlier announced that all take-offs and landings had been cancelled from its facilities as the ash cloud from Saturday’s Grímsvötn volcanic eruption continued to spread over North Germany’s air space.
In Berlin, the cancellations came into effect at 11:00 local time and the last segments of German airspace reopened at around 14:00. Many German airports cancelled all flights earlier on Wednesday morning.
Other countries such as France have not yet been affected by the ash cloud. The French Civil Aviation Authority has announced that it does not expect to close its airspace.
The ash cloud previously affected flights across Northern England and Scotland, but latest reports say that the airspace has cleared, with UK flight services returning to normal. However, the UK’s Met Office has warned that flights could be disrupted again by Friday May 27, 2011.
Reports by Icelandic officials claim that the volcanic eruption is diminishing. Icelandic President Ólafur Grímsson says that, “the ash cloud is definitely smaller than it has been.”