Fish pedicure treatment area opens at Stansted

Stansted, UK, has become the first London airport to open a fish pedicure spa in its terminal.
GarraSpa worked with Blackjack Promotions to open the treatment area on May 5, 2011, and the spa offers a relaxing environment for passengers before they board their flight.
The spa uses Garra Rufa fish, known for their cleaning and healing qualities. The fish remove dead skin and can help to treat psoriasis, eczema and poor circulation as well as making feet “silky and smooth”. Passengers are offered 15 minute treatments for £12 ($20).
GarraSpa Director Ty Donat told Airports International: “This little space is an area of sanctuary. We get a lot of interest and a lot of people coming through.” Currently, up to 200 people a day enjoy the therapeutic treatments offered at the terminal.
Mr Donat believes this number will increase and states that the treatment area has the capacity to serve over 500 people a day. After a month’s trial, the company has signed a contract to remain in the airport for another year: “We want to be here as long as it’s a viable business,” he says.
The company claims that its customers’ needs match that of the airport’s users. GarraSpa’s Mike Jaye says: “The demographic of Stansted travellers fits our target market perfectly, and our research shows that these travellers are the type of people who would definitely enjoy this type of treatment.”
Mr Donat claims that Stansted is pleased to have something different to offer its customers. GarraSpa offers “improved service to passengers and a unique experience at the airport.” The stall also offers extra seating at the terminal, which has caused a “phenomenal” difference.
GarraSpa hopes for international expansion. “There is no reason why this concept can’t go worldwide,” says Mr Donat. “We have a long term vision of it.”