Atg Launches Apollo

The new Apollo from atg airports ltd (ATG)

Airfield lighting specialist atg airports ltd has launched a new elevated Hi Intensity LED Runway Guard Light, designed to meet ICAO standards for 3,000 candela output.
Named APOLLO, the unit provides a unidirectional flashing light to indicate crossing points, reducing the possibility of runway incursions by warning pilots or drivers of ground vehicles that they are approaching an active runway. By using the latest LED technologies, APOLLO helps to improve airfield efficiencies by reducing the load on the CCR, reduce the size of the isolation transformer, and can be operated from any CCR architecture type allowing the airport to utilise existing equipment. The increased typical life expectancy of over 60,000 hours will significantly reduce life cycle costs.
All APOLLO units are designed to exceed international standards, including an adjustable light beam of 0° to 20° vertically, an alternating flash rate of 45 – 50 per minute and with the ability to operate from either an AGL 6.6 amp circuit or 220/240V supply. The fixture, which includes a frangible column and tether, is manufactured from extruded aluminium and corrosion resistant materials and is finished in aviation yellow for improved visibility and protection.