Air cargo screening ban imposed on some UPS facilities in UK

On June 17 the British government announced that it has barred the giant parcel delivery company UPS from screening air cargo at some UK facilities because of security problems.
The UK’s Department for Transport (DfT) did not go into detail about the government’s concerns or reveal any specific security issues, but it did say that the ban would continue until UPS: “has satisfied current security requirements”.
The cargo carrier has stated that it is “working to address the problems” discovered by the DfT and the DfT says that its action “does not represent an imminent threat”.
A DfT spokesman said: “The safety of the travelling public is paramount and our security regime is kept under constant review.
“We can confirm that, following careful consideration, the department has restricted the number of sites in the UK at which UPS Ltd are permitted to screen air cargo until it has satisfied current security requirements.
“For obvious security reasons we will not comment on the details.”
A response to the ban, a UPS spokesman said: “As part of a scheduled review by the DfT of UPS procedures and employment documentation related to security, the DfT identified areas of concern that UPS now is working to address.
“Some facilities have been temporarily taken offline, which in some cases has led to delays in the movement of packages. UPS has activated contingency plans, communicated with customers and expects service levels to return to normal early next week.
“The DfT reviews have been helpful, educating UPS on the expectations of DfT auditors.
“UPS continues to assess the operation of its UK network and, in co-operation with the DfT, may refine it to ensure an even more efficient level of service to its customers.”