ABX Air Chooses Navtech

Flight operations software specialist Navtech Inc has announced that it has been chosen to provide crew planning support for ABX Air, Inc, a cargo airline offering international express charter services.  The two companies signed a five-year agreement in which Navtech will work with ABX Air to “enhance productivity and improve bottom-line cost” using its Pairing Optimizer crew planning software.
“Navtech seeks deep relationships with its customers by honing in on their specific challenges and developing a customized solution,” said Robert Mora, Director Product Management, Crew.  “In an industry where the margins are increasingly tight, finding efficiencies through productivity gains provide a competitive edge.  We’ll fine-tune through advanced optimization for crew planning for ABX to give them that edge.”
ABX Air has already started using the Pairing Optimizer.  “Results to date have shown improvement and are very encouraging,” said David Speaks, Manager of Crew Resources for ABX Air.  “More efficient scheduling allows us to meet the ever-changing demands of the marketplace, while still preserving value for our customers and satisfying the requirements of our labour agreements.”
Navtech’s Pairing Optimizer constructs and schedule crews within a number of airline-defined and configurable parameters.  The parameters capture important elements recognised as key fatigue risk and mitigation factors, enabling the construction of schedules that are designed to improve performance.
Navtech says these functionalities reflect the latest advances in optimisation research, enabling airlines to construct crew pairings that accommodate their changing environments and particular demands such as number of landings, time of day, length of duty and other requirements of their operations.  The manufacturer says that any or all of these criteria can be applied at every step of the optimisation process to optimise efficiency and also minimize overall crew fatigue levels.