Bottle Scanner for Durham

UK airport Durham Tees Valley is set to receive an innovative scanning system from digital technology company, Kromek.
The Kromek bottle scanner will purportedly identify the presence of threat liquids in any kind of container without the need to actually open the containers or handle the material inside.  The scanner is able to check any item against the “spectral signature” of dangerous materials and provides a simple ‘pass’ or ‘fail’ reading.
Its introduction is in preparation for changes in the regulations for transiting passengers taking liquids onto aircraft, due to come into effect in autumn 2011.
Airport Manager Shaun Woods said:  “Currently we use checking measures which involve physically opening a container in order to carry out the checks, which is both time-consuming and can involve safety considerations for security staff.
“The scanner developed by Kromek, which has received approval from Europe’s air safety regulators is safe, easy to use and quick.  It takes less than 20 seconds to scan an item and requires no physical sampling.  It can handle containers up to two litres of any shape or material, glass, plastic metal or cardboard.”