US Warns of Implanted Bombs

The US Department of Homeland Security has issued a memo to security officials alerting them to the threat of “body packing” of surgically implanted explosives.
No specific plot has been identified by it is claimed that new intelligence has highlighted the threat as a “criminal tactic with possible terrorist application”.
The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has stated that passengers should expect “additional security measures” in airports.  In a statement the Administration said:  “Terrorist groups have repeatedly and publicly indicated interest in pursuing ways to further conceal explosives.”
Additional screening methods may include “interaction with passengers, pat-downs and the use of enhanced tools and technologies.”
However, some experts feel that implanted explosives would be mainly ineffective.
Dr John Clifford Jones, an explosives expert at the University of Aberdeen, UK, said that the quantity of explosives that could be surgically implanted might be enough to tear open the fuselage of an aircraft.  He believes that the bomber would need something like a mobile phone to detonate such an explosive.
He said:  “My intuition is that, all things considered, concealment followed by ‘successful’ operation of the device seems quite implausible.”