Air Southwest to cease operations

Air Southwest, which has been a wholly-owned subsidiary of Eastern Airways since December 2010, has announced that it will end all its Plymouth Airport (UK) services from September 14. The airline also says its Newquay flights: “have been reviewed at length, but are not viable on their own without the association with Plymouth”. As a consequence of this, Newquay routes to Glasgow, Guernsey, Jersey and Manchester will also end on the same date.
The airline’s Newquay services to Aberdeen, Bristol, Cork, Dublin and Leeds Bradford will end on September 30, which, the company says: “regrettably will be the last day of Air Southwest branded flights.”
Air Southwest says it was planning to operate while Plymouth Airport (due to close at the end of this year) remained open, however, a company statement explains that “despite our original hopes, Air Southwest’s forward bookings are significantly lower than required and the level of demand is not financially viable.”
The company says that all passengers booked to fly after these dates will be fully refunded.