All Change for AdP Retail

FRENCH AIRPORT operator Aéroports de Paris (AdP) has unveiled plans for 50 retail outlets at Paris/Charles de Gaulle and Paris/Orly.  This will include new and redeveloped units and is due for completion by the end of 2013.  AdP also opened the first dailymonop (a French convenience store) to be located at an airport on May 11.  It is situated on the arrivals level in the West Terminal at Paris/Orly.
The plans came about after AdP launched a review of its retail and refreshment offerings.  Ten new brands are already available and others due to follow include Caviar House & Prunier, McDonald’s and Mariage Frères.  Quality is at the forefront and this has been reflected in the contracts for the new premises.  In addition, most of the 50 units will offer extra space and there will be multiple providers within the same terminal to offer greater choice and more competition.