MAG Interested in Stansted

THE MANCHESTER Airports Group (MAG) has announced that it is interested in acquiring London/Stansted and also whichever of BAA’s two Scottish airports (Edinburgh or Glasgow) is put up for sale.  Confirming the decision, MAG’s External Affairs Director Jonathan Bailey said: “We plan to acquire more airports, in the first instance in the UK.  We will look at the BAA airports.  Whether we make a bid is a different question.”
Mr Bailey also stated that were MAG to take over at London/Stansted it would implement a radically different market strategy by trying to attract more long-haul carriers and routes, rather than continuing to focus on European budget airlines.  He said that: “We would fight hard to win traffic from Heathrow and Gatwick.  At Stansted, 70% of traffic is Ryanair and 90% is low-cost.  Ryanair is ruthlessly efficient and in many respects very good to work with.  But it is a big risk being so dependent on one operator that would put off many potential bidders.  We would want to bring in other, long-haul carriers and change the mix of traffic.”
After some lengthy legal proceedings, BAA must abide by the Competition Commission ruling that it must sell three of its airports.  It sold London/Gatwick in 2009 and must now sell London/Stansted and one of either Edinburgh or Glasgow.