No Chance for Plymouth City Airport

Plymouth City Airport, UK, looks certain to close in December after the city’s councilors announced that they accept it is no longer viable.
The airport’s operator, Sutton Harbour Group, had announced its intention to close Plymouth City in April this year and the airport’s only airline, Air Southwest, stopped flights in July, as its owner, Eastern Airways, said Plymouth routes were no longer financially viable.
A study by Berkeley Hanover Consulting found that Plymouth could not sustain enough commercial routes to be profitable and that the costs of trying to operate even a small route network would make it a “substantial risk”. As a result, Plymouth City Councillors accepted that there was no economic rationale to keep the airport open. Councillor Ted Fry said: “We have used three consultants here – not just one, not two, but three… and they have advised us that, commercially, there is no future for Plymouth City Airport”. He added that the council would protect the land from development for the time being. The council has also said that it will look at how the Royal Navy’s Flag Officer Sea Training and RAF search and rescue helicopters can continue to use the airfield.