New Dining Options

HMSHOST HAS opened three new quick-service restaurants at Auckland Airport, New Zealand.
The Long White Café, Down Under Bar & Café and KFC will serve more than 70% of passengers at the airport and have been opened in preparation for the 2011 Rugby World Cup, which started on September 9 and runs until October 23.
“We are pleased to deliver our new restaurants to the airport in time for the increase in travellers coming to the Rugby World Cup,” said David Mackay, HMSHost’s Regional Director for Asia Pacific, adding that the new restaurants “are proving to be popular additions” at the airport.
HMSHost has been operating restaurants and bars in New Zealand since 1989.  Auckland Airport is served by over 20 international airlines and has over 13 million passengers per annum, making it Australasia’s second busiest airport after Sydney.