Real-Time Flight Schedule Changes

THE AVIATION intelligence provider OAG has unveiled a flight schedule alerts service, OAG Alerts, that delivers instant notifications of new and discontinued airline routes, flight frequency and time changes, aircraft equipment and terminal changes.
The web-based system is designed to eliminate the need to manually log into a database and search for specific changes.  OAG says that it is: “ideal for airline revenue management and network planners; airport route development and ground handling managers; and administrators in all sectors of the tourism industry.”
It adds that OAG’s customers can now define their automatic schedule change alerts by carrier, route or code share partnership, and amend their alert parameters as often as they choose.
A company statement said: “The moment OAG receives a carrier’s schedule change information, it is verified and posted to the customer’s online account within seconds.  The change is immediately flagged for the user upon log-in, and customers can also elect to receive summary reports by email as often as preferred.”
The system is said to be able to monitor more than 28 million departures for up to 12 months ahead, and will store customers’ alert reports for 30 days.
“OAG alerts helps our customers gain a first-mover advantage in the rapidly shifting airline industry landscape, where every opportunity to make faster business decisions, eliminate inefficiencies and increase margins must be seized,” said John Grant, Executive Vice President of parent company, UBM Aviation.  “Having moment-by-moment access to competitive movements enables rapid response to potential advantages and threats, and can literally mean a gain or loss of millions of dollars in incremental revenue.”
OAG alerts features real-time notifications of:
New and discontinued routes
New and discontinued flight numbers
Effective period/frequency changes
Origin and destination changes
Time changes (with adjustable tolerance level)
Equipment changes
Terminal changes