Breakthrough for Wheelchair Users


OCS has introduced the Promove sling at Manchester Airport to provide passengers with a more comfortable experience. (OCS)

Passengers using wheelchairs at Manchester Airport, UK, can now experience a more comfortable and dignified journey with the introduction of the unique, patented Promove sling.
The sling, which was invented by wheelchair user Dr Huw Martin Thomas, can be slipped underneath the passenger without lifting them under their arms from an aisle chair into the aircraft seat.  Dr Thomas says:  “As a passenger with reduced mobility (PRM) myself, I understand how important it is to feel safe and dignified when transferring into my seat on the aeroplane.
“The design of the travel sling means that the handlers at the front and back can lift me using two handles each without having to hold on to me.”  The product is suitable for lifting in confined spaces and up to four people can operate it at one time for heavier passengers.
Manchester Airport is the first UK airport to introduce the device and it will be used by PRM service provider OCS.
Airport Security and Regulatory Manager for Manchester Airport, Claire Longden, says:  “The Promove sling is a fantastic idea that will make a difference for both customers and the health and safety of OCS staff.  It is great news that we are the first airport to have Promove in use.”
As well as the benefits for passengers, the sling reduces the risk of muscular skeletal injury for OCS customer care agents.
OCS plans to use the Promove sling at other major UK airports, including Birmingham, Bristol, Liverpool, Leeds and East Midlands.