Gatwick Deploys Iris Recognition System

AOptix Technologies Inc, a developer of biometric recognition systems, announced on October 19 that its AOptix InSight VM iris recognition solution has been introduced into 34 automated e-Gates at Gatwick Airport’s South Terminal.  Gatwick, situated to the south of London, UK, is the world’s busiest single-runway airport.
With the goal of improving the overall airport experience for travellers, the InSight VM is integrated into the MFlow Track system, developed by Human Recognitions Solutions (HRS) for positive passenger identification as part of Gatwick’s automated security process.
“HRS has a great reputation in the aviation industry for deploying and integrating innovative world class identity solutions such as the one at Gatwick” said Dean Senner, Chief Executive Officer of AOptix.  “Iris at-a-distance from AOptix and the HRS MFlow Track is the hassle-free, non-intrusive security experience that passengers are looking for at today’s modern airports.”  
The company says that the AOptix-HRS approach delivers a highly accurate match of passenger to boarding pass on a remarkably consistent basis.  Designed for ease of use and high throughput, the system is intended to create secure, customer friendly passage into the international departure lounge area where passengers can shop, dine, and relax prior to boarding their flights. 
“Human Recognition Systems has been deploying iris recognition systems for ten years now and with the introduction of the InSight iris recognition solution from AOptix, we are able to exploit the full power of iris biometrics,” said Neil Norman, CEO of Human Recognition Systems.  “We are pleased to be working with our partner AOptix and in having the InSight VM integrated into our MFlow product and having successfully deployed the first system in Europe at Gatwick Airport,” he added.
“Already passengers are spending on average less than five minutes in security” said Gatwick’s Head of Security, Geoff Williams.  “With our new spacious preparation area and 19 security lanes, some of which are designed to assist families with young children and premium travellers, the new technology will help increase the efficiency of the security operation and provide a better service.”