Frankfurt Ready to Open new Runway

In the last few hours Fraport has completed its preparations for the opening its new runway 07L at Frankfurt Main by removing the large ‘X’ obstruction markers planted along its 2,800 metre length. 
Runway 07L is the airport’s 4th and will push Frankfurt’s theoretical aircraft movement capacity up by 50%. 
The so-called Northwest runway will only be used for landings and, although 07L is large enough to accommodate Boeing 747 and Airbus A380 aircraft airport spokesman Roy Watson told Airports International that it was not deemed necessary to certifiy it to handle those aircraft types.   
Fraport says that Inauguration of the new runway will allow for parallel takeoff and landing operations and incrementally raise Frankfurt’s coordinated runway capacity from currently 83 to 126 movements per hour.  The airport operator says that this capacity increase will enable it to meet the: “growing demand from passengers and airlines”.  Its forecasts predict that nearly 90 million passengers per year will fly into or out of FRA or make a connection here in the future.
The first aircraft to land, an Airbus A319 carrying the German Chancellor Angela Merkel, is scheduled to touch down at 15:45 on Friday October 21 and several hundred guests are due to attend a celebration at the airport..
Picture caption:
Airport staff began to remove the runway obstruction markers from the new 07L at approximately 18:00 local time on Thursday October 20.  (Key – Tom Allett)