Boost for Aircraft De-icing Fluid Supply Network

Aircraft de-icing fluid supplier Clariant says it has boosted its supply network for the northern hemisphere’s forthcoming 2011-2012 winter.  The company says that its production capacity has been increased by new tolling agreements with partners in Sweden and Russia and adds that its customers will be able to check the delivery-status of each de-icer order through an online portal that tracks all shipments in real time. 
Clariant says that capacity increases have been made via a new facility in Udevalla, Sweden, which is owned and operated by Aerochem, and at two further locations in Moscow.  It states that by producing Type II and Type IV thickened fluids, these additional sites will complement Clariant’s main manufacturing site, at Gendorf, Germany.  The company adds that in order to serve central Europe, it will use existing production and storage sites not only at Gendorf: “but at major new depots and stock locations throughout Germany”.  Tolling and storage for the Finnish market will continue in Rauma, Finland.
“We already were among Europe’s leading de-icer supplier,” said Clariant’s Head of Aviation Sales ICS, Nigel Westlake. “Even so, we have raised our game for 2011/12.  We have hiked our capacity in Europe’s coldest regions, and we have made it possible for customers to track their orders on a real-time basis.”
The company says that its ‘Clariant Shipment Tracking Portal’ will soon be available to de-icer customers, adding, “through secure access, customers will be able to monitor the delivery status of each order.  They will be able to locate the shipment even as it is underway, thanks to an online-map application.”