Agreement between Chongqing and Liege Airports

ON OCTOBER 25, 2011, Liege Airport, Belgium and the Chongqing Airport Group, China, announced that they have signed a Memorandum of Understanding in order to encourage cooperation and strengthen the exchanges between the two airports.
A joint statement said that their common goal is to: “engage in collaborative research into developing airport business, to secure ongoing synergies that are beneficial to the cooperation, and to improve the performance of each of the airports.”
Liege Airport primarily focuses upon airfreight operations and has increased its cargo movements and volumes in recent years and is currently ranked as the busiest freight airport in Belgium and number seven in Europe.
It is the European hub for TNT Express Worldwide which already connects the airports of Liege and Chongqing with scheduled direct flights of B747-400 Freighters.
CQA, the operator of Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport (Chongqing Airport), says that in recent years, its traffic has been: “growing rapidly in line with the economic growth of the region”.  The company says that it is now “taking advantage of its unique location”, while developing its route network to “strengthen its position as an air hub.”
The CEO of Liege Airport, Mr Luc Partoune, said: “The partnership between Liege Airport and Chongqing Airport Group can offer much more than just another link between Europe and China.  Via the existing customers in Liege, every remote corner of Europe can be reached.  Daily cargo flights into Africa, as well as scheduled connections with the Americas, link all Liege Airport operators to the rest of the world”.
“We are pleased with this opportunity to work with Liege Airport,” said the Deputy General Manager of the Chongqing Airport Group, Ms Cao Qianli, adding: “we believe that by cooperating and collaborating more together and by building joint connections, synergies will certainly develop, resulting in positive outcomes for both parties. Furthermore, I would like to thank Mr Paul Woolley of TNT Airways for bringing together two international airports with great potential and establishing direct links”.