British Airways Revives Corporate Heritage Collection

The British Airways (BA) museum at the airline’s Heathrow headquarters has re-opened its doors as the Speedbird Centre, after an extensive redevelopment programme. 
The centre showcases the past, present and future of the airline and is open to staff, researchers and members of the public by appointment.
Items on display reflect the rich history of the airline including such gems as the flight log from the very first scheduled international flight, which departed from London to Paris on August 25, 1919, to uniforms spanning 90 years of aviation and right up to the newly introduced cabin crew iPad application.  The Speedbird Centre also showcases the airline’s new World Traveller and World Traveller Plus cabins as well as the award winning Club World and First seats.
The Speedbird Centre houses an extensive range of exclusive advertising posters designed by artists such as Frank Wotton dating back to the 1950s and photographs from the 1920s to the present.  BA says that customers can purchase reproductions of these items directly from the online gallery of the Centre, or by contacting the dedicated team of 12 volunteers who run and maintain the archive.
Paul Jarvis, Manager Speedbird Centre said: “The collection on display is unique.  British Airways has a history and a future that many other airlines aspire to and we are proud to be able to show this to our staff and customers.”