Coventry Lands Second Cargo Contract

BARELY WEEKS after resuming cargo operations, Coventry Airport in the UK has agreed a second contract for freight flights.  German operator Nightexpress has agreed a deal to transfer its operations from nearby Birmingham – the carrier had previously flown from Coventry until the airport’s temporary closure in December 2009.
“We’re delighted to see Nightexpress back at Coventry and we look forward to resuming our business relationship,” said Marc Watkins, Business Development Manager at Coventry Airport.
Yvonne Boag, Managing Director of Nightexpress, added that under the new arrangements, all of the carrier’s personnel would also transfer from Birmingham.  “We transfer packages, documents, special shipments, loose freight and large volumes in a variety of sectors including agricultural, automotive, medical and pharmaceutical to meet our customers’ demands.  As time is of the essence, the cargo facilities at Coventry are perfect for our needs and will help us to consolidate our position as a market leader in this niche sector of the industry.”
The carrier will operate from Frankfurt to Coventry each weeknight.