FMG in Pilot Project

Munich Airport’s operating company FMG is taking part in a global pilot project to produce guidelines for integrated reporting, conducted by the International Integrated Reporting Committee (IIRC).
The news comes after the airport’s Sustainability and Annual Report, released in September 2011, was met with critical acclaim.  With this first integrated report, Munich became the only airport in the world to gain the highest possible rating (Level A+) from the Global Reporting Initiative, which evaluates the transparency and quality of such documents.
Only one other airport (Amsterdam Schiphol) is among the 40 organisations and companies taking part.  Due to FMG’s expertise on sustainability, it is playing a “trailblazing” role in this project, which involves such high-profile companies as the French food producer Danone, British bank HSBC and US software maker Microsoft.
FMG claims that sustainability is an integral part of its corporate strategy and culture.  Consequently, the corporate philosophy of the group states that business performance must always go hand-in-hand with conservation of resources, environmental protection and a commitment to human welfare and society.  FMG previously released sustainability reports in conjunction with its annual reports in 2008 and 2009.