Peel To Sell Durham

Peel Airports Limited has announced today (December 14) that it will sell its majority shareholding in Durham Tees Valley Airport, in the north of the UK.  The company currently holds 75% of the shares, with six local authorities owning the remainder.
PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) has been appointed to actively seek a buyer for the shares and to oversee any subsequent sale process.
Peel says that the decision was made as the airport: “no longer fits within the company’s strategic plans for its portfolio of airports.”
However, the company insists that Durham will continue to operate as normal and both passengers and employees will be unaffected by the decision over the coming weeks.
UPDATE:  Airports International offered Peel Airports the opportunity to tell its readers what Durham Tees Valley Airport’s best selling points were.  However, the company declined.