Protest as Plymouth City Airport Closes

People protesting against the closure of Plymouth City Airport, UK, on December 23rd left a banner in the empty terminal building referring to Plymouth City Council’s (PCC) recent financial assistance to the cash-stricken local football team. PCC intervened to purchase the struggling Plymouth Argyle FC’s football stadium while the airport was deemed unviable and allowed to close. (KEY-Tom Allett)

A group of over 50 pro-airport protesters gathered at Plymouth City Airport in Devon, UK, today to mark the closure of the facility they had fought to save.
Earlier this year its operator, the Sutton Harbour Group, had announced that the airfield would close routes as it had proved unable to sustain passenger services from the airfield and in August the landowner, Plymouth City Council, voted in to accept the airport’s closure.  
Airline services ended in July, hastening the airport’s demise.
A supporter’s group called Viable has vowed to continue fighting to re-open the airport if a backer can be found.
Air traffic services ceased at 17:00 and the last eight staff were made redundant.  
The last departure was made by a Mooney light aircraft, while a helicopter carrying a medical emergency patient was amongst the last arrivals as crosswinds meant it was unable to land at the nearby Derriford Hospital.
The large white ‘X’ markings that signify the runway’s closure will be applied in the next few weeks at a cost of around £7,000.