Crime Drops at LAX

Los Angeles International Airport saw a rise in passenger numbers but a fall in cargo tonnage over the course of 2011. (KEY-Tom Allett)

Traffic from the Middle East/North Africa (MENA) region to the United States is predicted to be the fastest growing route over the next five years. (KEY-Tom Allett)

The number of crimes reported at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) dropped 27% to 1,612 in 2011, compared to 2,220 in 2010.
Statistics released by Los Angeles Airport Police also revealed that major crime declined by 29% to 508 incidents last year, down from 715 the year before.
The number of arrests at LAX fell from 1,347 in 2010 to 1,095 in 2011 (18.7%).
The reductions come despite passenger numbers growing by 5% to 61.9 million passengers, up from 59 million in 2010.
LA Mayor Antonio R Villaraigosa said that the findings were: “testimony to our commitment to public safety.”
Over US$4 billion is being invested to modernise the airport and improve on customer service, including public safety.