New Omani Emergency Response Centre

OMAN AIR’S new state-of-the-art Emergency Response Centre (ERC) was opened in December 2011.  It is located at the carrier’s headquarters, and has been set up to meet the needs of airline emergency management.  The senior management meeting room is equipped with an IT and visual aids suite, including interactive smart-board, projectors and televisions.  Up to 17 senior management members can be seated for briefings at the ERC room.  Two adjoining rooms are designated as Emergency Response Center Support (ERCS), complete with an office for up to 15 management and staff members to coordinate and support the ERC.
“Although an emergency centre was available for use in our company previously, we would all agree that a modern top-quality centre of this nature is of paramount importance for a rapidly growing airline like ours,” said Peter Hill, CEO of Oman Air.