Delta’s La Guardia Schedule

US carrier Delta Air Lines has unveiled its schedule for its new domestic hub at New York’s La Guardia Airport.  The airline will add more than 100 flights and 29 destinations to its service.
The investment will be the largest single expansion by any carrier at the airport in decades, with total flights increasing by more than 60% and total destinations by more than 75%.  By this summer, Delta will operate 264 daily flights between La Guardia and more than 60 cities.
The airline’s international and transcontinental schedule at John F Kennedy Airport (JFK) is also being optimised for 2012.  Improved coordination with Delta’s SkyTeam alliance partners has also been planned.
The JFK enhancements include increased frequency on several long-haul routes between JFK and western US cities such as San Francisco, where there is more choice for onward connections from Europe.  New routes also include Greensboro, New Orleans and Kansas City.  Expanded service to Caribbean destinations, including new flights to Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, are also available.