First Sustainable Conveyor Belt

Belting specialist Forbo Movement Systems will showcase the first sustainable conveyor belt, Biobelt, at LogiMAT in Stuttgart from March 13 to 15.  The company will be located in Hall 3, Stand 261.
The new product is made of renewable, biodegradable material, cuts power consumption and still offers the same physical characteristics as conventional conveyor belts.  It is aimed at airports, distribution centres and automotive manufacturers.
Different versions of the patent-pending Biobelt are available, such as with surfaces that are smooth, or with longitudinal grooves for inclined conveying.  Further types are currently in development.
Bernd Langreder from Logistics Segment Management at Forbo said:  “The interest in sustainable conveyor belts is huge, but there have been none on the market to date.”

Initial field tests have shown that the Biobelt is just as efficient and durable as conventional, synthetic belts, but with “real added value.”  The characteristics and splices of the new belt are the same, so customers can easily convert their previous products to the more sustainable option.  Furthermore, all existing mechanical components in the machinery, such as drums, tracking devices or drives, can still be used.
The global development team, spearheaded by Dr Torsten Buch, replaced the oil-based raw materials and synthetic technical materials with renewable plant-based materials.  An already-patented and special coating can be added to the Biobelts, allowing customers to achieve energy savings of up to 40%.
Developers are currently working on a flame-retardant Biobelt for use at airports.
(Image: Forbo)