LOGAIR Renamed

Aelia, part of the Lagardère Services group, and Servair, the world’s third largest airline catering and air transport logistics company, have renamed their joint subsidiary.  Logair is now called Dutyfly Solutions.
The subsidiary is owned 50/50 by both companies and offers airlines a management solution for in-flight duty-free sales.  It is responsible for selecting products in agreement with the airlines concerned, purchasing the products, choosing their selling prices and managing their storage in bond.  Dutyfly Solutions prepares and brings the trolleys to the aircraft and receives the produces from their return flights.  It manages on-board sales and receipts and benefits from the experience of both Aelia and Servair.
The company is responsible for sales of Air France, Alitalia, Air Caribbean and Iberia, and has departure points in France, Italy and Spain.  It is hoped to develop through connections with Servair’s international network.
Passengers are offered the chance to pre-order products online before their flight and may choose from four families:  perfumes/luxury goods, tobacco/alcohol, watches/jewellery and electronics.
“Now that we have strengthened and consolidated our business, we are ready to deploy and develop it,” commented Aelia’s CEO, Ambrose Fondeur.  “Our ambition is for Dutyfly Solutions to become the first on-board duty-free sales operator in Europe and Africa, with the best product catalogue possible for airlines and the most attractive offerings to passengers.”