San Diego wins Energy Award

San Diego has won an energy award following its introduction of LED airfield lights and signs. (SDIA)

The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) has recognised the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority in California, USA, for its efforts in sustainable technology.  The Airport Authority won the state-wide Region 9 Outstanding Energy Project Award for its successful installation of energy-efficient airfield signage, taxiway lights and runway guard lights.
Over the course of the project, the airport authority replaced 119 less energy-efficient airfield signs and 410 taxiway edge lights with a new generation of energy-efficient light-emitting diodes (LEDs).  San Diego International Airport says it was the first commercial airport in the US to install and utilise these energy efficient LEDs throughout the airfield.  The new lights help to prevent runway incursions, reduce the airport’s carbon footprint, lower operating and maintenance costs and improve operational safety.
The award was presented during an awards dinner on February 28 in Sacramento.
Thella F Bowens, President and CEO of the airport authority said: “It’s an honour to receive this award for our energy project; not only on a local level but now a state level as well. “The airport was one of the first in the nation to adopt a formal sustainability policy, and this award is an acknowledgment of our deep commitment to incorporating sustainability in everything we do.”