Armenian Shelter

Tensile engineering firm Architen Landrell has completed the installation of a new canopy at Yerevan’s Zvartnots Airport, Armenia.  The 64,583sq ft (6,000m²) exterior canopy, which is made out of PTFE polythene-coated fabric, is designed to provide shelter from the country’s extreme weather and was attached to the new terminal building as part of a regeneration project led by Argentinean architectural company Corporation America.
Architen Landrell, which was also contracted to install light diffusing fabric baffles inside the facility, designed, engineered and pre-fabricated the structures at its factory in the UK before transporting them by road across Europe.
Lance Rowell, Director at Architen Landrell, said that he was: “very pleased to have been involved with such an eminent project and build such a good working relationship with its team.”
(Photo Architen Landrell)