Cargo Boost in Jordan

ACCORDING TO Royal Jordanian Airline’s Vice President of Cargo Sales and Services, Muath Majali, the country’s Queen Alia International Airport (AMM) has become a freight hub for the Middle East and a transit point for the rest of the world.  The airline accounts for 60% of freight exports from Jordan and 40% of its imports.
Majali explained that the company launched a new cargo route to Vienna at the end of last year, operating one flight per week, to market Jordanian products in Austria and Eastern Europe.  The new route is steadily getting busier, with large volumes of cargo coming into Jordan from Eastern Europe.  The airline intends to boost operations on this route by adding a second frequency this May and a third in November.
Royal Jordanian is also opening a special warehouse in mid-February at AMM for courier companies.  It will be located inside the main warehouse and serve as a central point for exchanging goods between the companies and their customers through Royal Jordanian.
(Photo Royal Jordanian)