Launch Delay for Eastern Express

A NEW Fujairah, UAE-based carrier – Eastern Express – has had to delay its launch.  Its CEO, Alex de Vos, said that owing to a ‘glitch’ in paperwork submitted to the General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA), the first flight has been delayed.  He added: “We are still going ahead for a first-quarter launch.  We were intending an earlier start, but that’s not going to happen now.”
Mr de Vos said the problem was over the leasing of a propeller aircraft.  “That’s not something the GCAA is fond of us doing as long as we don’t hold national carrier status, which we don’t.  We’re looking at different options right now.  Buying an aircraft would turn around our business plan completely.  It’s a two-way thing and hopefully it will be resolved in the next few weeks.  The moment the GCAA approves our paperwork, two weeks later we’ll be ready to fly.”
The privately-owned airline planned to launch a twice-daily service between Fujairah and Abu Dhabi.