New Flight for Newquay

From the left, Jonathan Hinkles, Loganair’s Chief Operating Officer; Phyllis Purfit, the first passenger for the Glasgow-Newquay service and Francois Bourienne, Glasgow International Airport’s Commercial Director.

Loganair and franchise partner Flybe today (Thursday, April 5) launched a direct service to the coastal haven of Newquay in Cornwall, UK.
A Loganair Saab 340 aircraft will operate up to five flights per week between Glasgow International Airport and the sea-side town in the south west of England.  With a flight time of just one hour and forty minutes, the new Glasgow to Newquay Cornwall Airport route will no-doubt appeal to travellers commuting to and from the south west of England, as rail and road journeys can often take between eight and ten hours.
The new Glasgow to Newquay route will operate flights every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Prices start from £64.99 one way including taxes.
From June 25 until August 27, Loganair will also add an additional flight on Mondays to accommodate high demand during the peak summer holiday season.
Jonathan Hinkles, Loganair’s Chief Operating Officer, who embarked on the maiden flight from Glasgow this morning, said: “We are extremely pleased to launch today what is an entirely new route for Loganair.  The Glasgow to Newquay flights offer our passengers frequent, convenient and cost-effective services to one of the most popular visitor destinations in the UK.
“We have already taken a significant number of advance bookings since tickets went on sale last September.  It is clear that people looking to travel between Glasgow and Newquay see competitively-priced air services as a hugely-convenient alternative to long and arduous rail and road journeys between the two destinations.”
“Today’s launch again underlines Loganair’s commitment to further develop services outwith our traditional Highlands and Islands network, and it’s one which will be of huge benefit to our customers.”
Last September the Glasgow to Newquay route was stopped following the closure of Plymouth-based Air Southwest, which previously operated the service. 
The first passenger to arrive at the gate for the inaugural Loganair Newquay flight was Glaswegian grandmother Phyllis Purfit, 69, who now lives in the village of St Anges, North Cornwall.
Rutherglen-born Phyllis was a regular traveller from Newquay Cornwall Airport until the Air Southwest service stopped in September last year.  She said: “I would regularly travel four or five times a year to visit my grandson Alasdair, who still lives Glasgow.
“When the previous service closed it was a real headache as it meant I had to endure a near ten-hour train journey each way to see my family.  The new Loganair flight is a real godsend and I’m honoured to be the first passenger from Glasgow.”