Calmer Cabins With Hong Kong Airlines

Hong Kong Airlines (HKA) has announced that, in the rare event of having any unruly passengers, its cabin crew are well prepared.  The airline has revealed that all operational flight attendants are now fully Wing Chun martial arts trained, since the initiative was launched in March 2011.
The airline explained that the Wing Chun training, which is compulsory for all cabin crew, aims to: “promote inner balance and core strength, needed for the rigours of the job, and enables them to deal with any potential challenges.”
Primarily taught as a self-defence method, the moves are designed to be accomplished in a restrictive space – such as on board an aircraft. 
As well as the obvious safety benefits, HKA says that, Wing Chun, the only form of martial arts created by a woman; “enhances general well being and reinforces physical health and mental wellness.”
Yang Jian Hong, President of HKA, stated: “We are very proud to celebrate the completion of Wing Chun martial arts training across all of our operational flight attendants.  Aside from the obvious physical, mental and safety benefits, this demonstrates our commitment to delivering exceptional passenger service.  The initiative has proved so popular with our flight attendants that we are now offering the training to our internal staff.”
Each cabin crew member must complete a three-hour training course before they operate on their first flight.  Flight attendants train in their uniforms to prepare them for real-life situations. 
(Photo – HKA)