Hamburg’s Centenary Success

On April 12 Hamburg Airport revealed its 2011 statistics, showing a succesful financial year was achieved as it celebrated its 100th anniversary.
Hamburg accomodated 13.56 million passengers last year; the first time that the 13 million passenger mark per annum has been exceeded.  The figure represents 4.6% growth over the previous year.  A profit of €49.2 million (US$64.7m) was recorded; up from €41.8 million (US$55m) in 2010 while its annual turnover reached €253.3 million (US$333.2) was 1.9% higher than the €248.6 million (US$327m) achieved in 2010.
At the airport’s financial results press conference Michael Eggenschwiler, Chief Executive Officer of Hamburg Airport said, “2011 was another good year for Hamburg Airport.  We were able to celebrate our 100th birthday with thousands of people from northern Germany.  Financially speaking, we achieved a positive result.  This was made possible primarily by the growth in passenger figures, where we set a new record: for the first time, more than 13 million passengers at Hamburg Airport.
“Hamburg Airport’s passengers enjoy variety in the route network. 115 destinations are served directly, and 900 with only a single change.  We believe in being dependable – for our employees as a dependable employer and for our customers as a dependable partner.  And it pays off: the first quarter of 2012 brought with it 5.2% growth in passenger numbers.”
Mr Eggenschwiler added, “In 2012, we want to write the next chapter in Hamburg Airport’s story of success.  We expect passenger growth of 3.7%.  There are, however, dark clouds on the horizon: the Aviation Charge is damaging Germany’s aviation industry and the rising price of fuel is putting the breaks on the upturn.  Hamburg Airport is actively resisting this downward pressure and will continue to make the passenger the focal point of its dealings in 2012.  We are committed to further expansion of the route network in cooperation with our airline partners; we will further expand the services we provide and make travel more comfortable – from the journey to the airport to check-in and then departure.”

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  1. Well done Hamburg Intrnational!. Hoppe in nex 7 to 8 years your airport be on twenty milion pasangers
    mark. Keep growing.
    Rodney Marinkovic, Aircraft Mechanical Engineer (ret.)
    Kraljevo, Serbia

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