Morpho Receives $38m Order From TSA

Morpho CTX 9800 DSi. Photo - Larry Allen

Morpho Detection, Inc (MDI), the explosives and narcotics detection business of Morpho, Safran group’s security unit, has received a delivery order from the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) for 32 CTX 9800 DSi explosives detection systems (EDS) valued at more than $38 million.  

Under terms of the contract – the largest for the CTX 9800 since its certification in June 2009 – all 32 units will be delivered to airports across the country in the coming months to support TSA’s checked baggage screening programme.  The CTX 9800 is the latest evolution of MDI’s industry-leading CTX family of EDS.  It is TSA-certified and uses computed tomography (CT) imaging technology to enhance operational efficiencies by screening bags faster and with fewer false alarms.
Brad Buswell, President and CEO of Morpho Detection Inc said, “Morpho Detection is pleased TSA has recognised the operational capabilities of the CTX 9800 by selecting it to help protect travellers.  By incorporating CT-based technology into an EDS capable of both medium- and high-speed throughput, the CTX 9800 can identify potential threats quickly and accurately, reducing the need for costly manual bag inspections.”
Morpho says that the CTX 9800 delivers high-resolution 3D images in both medium- and high-speed configurations allowing it to meet the needs of any mid-sized or larger airport.  Morpho Detection’s unique Clarity technology, found in the CTX 9800, enables it to screen checked luggage at higher speeds while continuing to deliver high-resolution 3D images of each bag.  The system then automatically compares the contents of the bag with the properties of known threat explosives using a series of algorithms.
First deployed by TSA to Mineta San José International Airport in 2009, more than 70 CTX 9800 units have been ordered by TSA since its certification.  The CTX 9800 DSi is the latest development of the original CTX 9000 DSi platform.  The company states that nearly 2,000 of its CT-based EDS systems are now in service. 
(Photo – Courtesy Larry Allen)