Ottawa's New Runway

The Ottawa International Airport Authority has announced that it is ready to start construction on runway 07/25.  The 8,000ft (2,438m) runway – phase two of a three-part plan – will be reworked and resurfaced from June 1.
The runway already meets Transport Canada guidelines; however, once construction is complete, it will also comply with standards set out by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).
The project will include the removal of the surface layer of asphalt from the runway, replacement of runway lighting and electrical wires, construction of a Runway End Safety Area (RESA) at both ends, replacement of NAV CANADA’s Instrument Landing System and regrading and repaving.
Closure of the east-west runway during construction will result in the north-south runway 14/32 being used for all commercial traffic.