Plymouth City’s Equipment Auction

The long-term future of the currently closed Plymouth City Airport appears to be at an important ‘crossroads’.

The long-term future of the currently closed Plymouth City Airport appears to be at an important ‘crossroads’.

Following last December’s closure of Plymouth City Airport, UK, the facility’s lease holder, Sutton Harbour Holdings (SHH), is to auction some of its now-redundant equipment.
The sale, organised on SHH’s behalf by Lincoln-based Peaker Pattinson (Auctioneers) Ltd, will include such items as a two-storey office block, four fire engines, airside vehicles, walk-through metal detectors, baggage trolleys, the check-in desks, ticket machines, office furniture, generators and boilers. 
However, Plymouth’s Evening Herald newspaper reports that both the Viable group, which has a plan to re-open the airport, (see the Jan/Feb and March editions of Airports International) and Plymouth City Council (PCC) leader Tudor Evans have called for the sale to be stopped. 
The newspaper quoted Viable chairman Raoul Witherall as saying while he wanted the auction to be stopped, even if it went ahead, it wouldn’t scupper Viable’s plans to re-open the airport.
The auction, which will use a sealed bid process, does not include the airport’s navigational equipment, though its fate is due to be discussed in a future meeting between SHH and PCC.
A government-controlled e-petition calling for Plymouth Airport to be saved can be viewed at

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  1. I would like to ask where was the investment from SHH after they were granted permission to build on part of the airport as this was a proviso for the long term security of the airport. Surely when labour sold off the lease to these people there should have had covenants put in place to stop them doing basically what they like. And also is this not looked upon as a brown field site for industrial use only. It appears that labour and the Tories are to close to the board of this company. Not even wanting to talk to viable for the benefit of Plymouth and not there greedy outlook on selling it for housing. the council should not allow any more building there.

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