Successful start for Vienna’s Skylink

Vienna’s Skylink terminal extension opened for business on June 5 with, the airport’s press team reported: “all systems basically functioning as planned.”  It added that Vienna’s morning peak hour had been the Skylink’s first real test, as 116 flights with approximately 10,000 passengers were handled by 10:00 am, and a total of 440 flights with almost 37,000 travellers accommodated during the first day.
The airport says that after a trial phase, “when interim adjustments can be made,” the official opening of the new terminal will take place on 21 June 2012.  It adds that, “modifications will, of course, also be made after that time to continuously improve functionality and convenience.”
You can read more about Vienna’s Skylink facility in the July edition of Airports International magazine.

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  1. Exssaitment, Skylink plus new air Termina!.l Wath eals can be in the centre of Europe in the midllle of economic turbolencess. Cngretalution Vienna International to achiving advance in this taff time. My respect go to my first airport from wich have took off on intercontinental journey 42 years ago. Good luck Austria.
    Rodney Marinkovic Aircraft Mechanichanical Engineer. Kraljevo / Sydney

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